Friday, May 05, 2006

Stitching ANYTHING ... is my life!

Yesterday when the MIT SnB group got together to knit on the front steps of MIT's Killian Court, it was mentioned that I was once a crocheter. One of our members was told that there were a few crochet people in our group, but I had said that I wasn't "into" crocheting anymore. Well that's sort of true; I crocheted for thirty-five [35] years and I just don't do it as much anymore. It doesn't mean that I won't answer questions if another crocheter runs into a problem or needs help in understanding a patterns written direction. I'm more than happy to help! After all, crochet was my first love. I just don't crochet as much anymore; I'm a knitter now!

There are those in my new world that wonder what kind of crocheting I did. Or even what other kind of stitching did I do (or still do). So I'll put up some pictures today.

First crochet ... it was my first love ... my GREAT-grandmother taught me when I was about 10 years old and I really developed my interest when I was 18. I did anywhere from Baby sweaters sets to dollies to afghans. One year I made seven afghans for Christmas gifts. Here are just a few:

And then I literally fell in love with cross stitch. I can't tell you how many I have done, but here are some pictures of just a few:

Remember my friend Sammie?

Well we started out doing dolls together many years ago and here is the first one. I did all of the cross-stitching and she did all of the sewing. We made one for each of us.

Then a few years ago we did Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. I also did the crochet shawl for Mrs. Claus as well as blankets & accessories like a handbag, etc. This is before I started knitting. So the Knitted Babes will be our project together now.

So last but not least are the other stitching that I do:



... I only have time to dabble in quilting ... my favorite part is "hand quilting." There is a quilter inside of me trying to get out!

Even tho I love my knitting now, I will always consider crochet as my "First Love"...

But now I'm a knitter!


Kim said...

I feel much the same. I have quilted, tatted, needlepointed (though mostly on plastic canvas), and crocheted. I've dabbled in various types of lacemaking. But right now, I'm a knitter!

So jealous - wish I could knit with MIT SnB on Killian Court! But now I live in CA...

FemiKnitMafia said...

Wow Rhonda, you are one accomplished woman. I'm very impressed.

amanda said...

What a great post Rhonda! I learned to crochet as a child and did cross stitch as well. They never stuck. But the knitting bug...well that is a horse of a different color!

Thanks for showing all your lovely handmade items --- they are wonderful!

Shelley said...

I started out doing crochet as well, and have dabbled in cross stitch. I have also done some quilting, but the other crafts you mentioned I haven't tried. I am now a knitter too ;o)