Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm baaaacck!

Swamped with work. That means I have only enough time to write a quick note....

Had a wonderful vacation!!

Got my socks done and started a pair for a grandson. He asked for them, so of course I'll make him a pair. If Nicky falls in love with them [he's age 12] and asks for another pair, I'll teach him how to knit and start him off with socks, LOL. He learned how to crochet already so I'm not expecting too much from him. He's a VERY talented kid!

I've got lots more to say and show, but no time right now. Hope everyone had a nice 2 weeks like I did [well this past week was crazy for me, but not totally unpleasant other than having tooth surgery. And I'm going to live after that I'm happy to say.]

[here's the yarn for Nicky's socks ... ]

Will catch up over this weekend I hope ...


Julia said...

Hi Rhonda,

Welcome home! Love the socks, and the yarn for the new pair. Be sure to take a few moments to breathe and knit in the midst of your busy schedule!

Cynthia said...

Hey Rhonda welcome back!!! You were missed! Glad to hear you got some knitting done. I figured your silence was swamped with catching up kind of stuff. Your grandson is a lucky Nicky (I do like the name Nick but I suppose I am biased!).