Thursday, September 07, 2006

Is knitting on it's way out?

Here's a recent article from Publisher's Weekly. What do you think? Is knitting on it's way out? Thanks to Knitter's Review for bringing attention to this article. I find it interesting.

Of course they haven't seen the knitting library of the StitchingNut ... I'm only one knitter, but the DH thinks I have enough in the way of books and yarn to start my own knitting school.

Hey that's an idea!


togbean said...

Congratulations on your place in the Yarnival! THanks for posting about it back in July - because I made it in too! WHee

Julia said...

I thought that article from Pub Weekly was interesting too, but I don't think the fact that book sales are plateauing means that knitting is on it's way out. I think it just means that the new books aren't that interesting to no-longer-new knitters. The really great out of print books are still selling for a premium.

JulieLoves2Knit said...

Knitting wasn't out before - and won't be out later.....I've got too many things to knit!!
The article was interesting but does it mean there won't be as many choices for new books - probably a good thing!