Sunday, September 17, 2006

Another day wasted ...

Hell no! ... I did laundry ... I did ironing ... I knit ... and I read.

I even made lunch for the DH. We usually each take care of ourselves for lunches, but I was feeling generous and it was such a glorious day I thought we could sit outside together. It was certainly beautiful out! And once the table was cleared after lunch, I pulled out the little orange socks I'm knitting for my munchkin, Jayden. I thought about the yarn left over from my Dipsey Doodle socks and decided it just might be enough for an infant sock. Sure enough, it was exactly enough for the first sock. But I started the 2nd sock while sitting outside and now I'm praying I have enough yarn for it. That's my mantra as I knit this sock now ... "please be enough yarn, please be enough yarn."

And then I decided to read a little before my eyelids dropped shut for a little snooze. Just a short one, coz I was satisfied with just a cat nap. I woke to knit some more. And to give you some perspective on the size of the munchkin's sock compared to mine, here's a picture of the two. The infant sock is one of the patterns in Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks.

I've got plans for mittens for the munchkin also. Here's the yarn & fleece I bought for them to make thrummed mittens for her. I'll be using the new mitten book I got, Favorite Mittens: Best Traditional Patterns from Fox & Geese & Fences and Flying Geese & Partridge Feet. How's that for a name of a book? I hear this is a fantastic book & I love what I see so far. Especially since there's also instructions for using fleece or roving for thrummed mittens. You see the yummy soft fleece I got? Hope the combination comes out nicely.

Wanted to start the mittens this weekend, but I also want to finish the socks. The socks won out!

And BTW, have you read this book? Hit by A Farm? I'm half way thru it and LOVE, love, love this book! Such a nice read. It's about two women starting a farm. Sheep on this farm, of course. And the stories of their trials and tribulations with farming. Especially since it was a "dream" of only one of them. The other is a writer and telling the story of course. It's a true story, so it's even more interesting to read. I really like Catherine and her partner Melissa.

But I never thought I'd have sheep in my dreams ... tee hee!

Added note on Sept 18: Check out FemiKnit Mafia`s post on a very interesting/amusing video. Freaky indeed! Go ahead, take a look. You'll laugh ... or cry ... or it'll put you right over the edge!

The Last Knit

And if you want to laugh until you have tears in your eyes ...
check out the L.A.'s County Fair commericials. I graduated from Savanna High in Anaheim, CA in 1967, yet I was a transplant from New England so I really appreciated these. Hehe. I got this link from Knit Together who's in California. Check out her Blog to read what Lynda's daughter asked her about Mohair. Too funny, Lynda! And those commercials are a hoot!!


amanda said...

Love the orange socks!

Dipsy D. said...

Wow, these orange socks look amazing, what a absolutely fantastic pattern this is! Gawd, I'll have to get this book immediately! ;) I'm also really curious to see the mittens you're planning to make, the fleece looks so deliciously soft!

FemiKnitMafia said...

OMG, those LA County Fair commercials are hilarious!!! Thanks so much for posting them.

Dorothy said...

More books for the wish list. I'll have to go check out the commercials. I hear music. I didn't know your site has music on it. I really have to turn on the sound more often.

aija said...

The thrummed mittens will be so nice!