Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Now that his hands are warm ...

Added Note: Needle Exchange is having a contest called "Pretty-in-Pink" for the month of October. Check it out! Sign up and pass the word along!!

I finished the fingerless gloves for the DH. I think he loves 'em! He thought it was funny that I wanted to take some pictures ... but he let me get the mug shots of his hands anyway.

I have plans for more socks but ... there are more mittens to knit as well. But Knitting History wanted to make sure I was well stocked for socks and generously sent me these beautiful purple & red sock yarn by Scheepjes ... I already have plans for the red in the cable pattern from Knittin' Mom and the SugarFree Sock pattern. And the purple will look nice in a lace pattern. I have a number of those just from Knitty. So many socks, so little time ...

And the yarn for the orange socks for the little Munchkin came in and I MUST finished those before this Saturday.

And what about all that other yarn? The cotton yarn? Well there might be some wash or dish cloths in the future. I don't know for sure yet. We'll see what kind of time I've got available.

Now it's back to knitting mittens for the grandchildren. I'm trying to figure out the directions in my newest mitten book, Folk Mittens by Marcia Lewandowksi.

But I'm not ready for the beautiful ones on the front cover yet. I'm working on the classic mittens. But look at those charts on that page! If only I can figure them out's for the gore & thumb. M-m-m-m, maybe I can get these finished by Saturday. (or not)


Dorothy said...

Hubby has very nice neat hands.

You have quite a list of knitting going on there!

sue said...

I lovethe fingerless gloves. Very nice. Seems as though you will be very busy.