Wednesday, December 27, 2006

What now?

Thank goodness the Christmas gift knitting frenzy is over. Now I can go on to other things.

I took stock in what was on my knitting list on Christmas Eve and started Starsky. But I really had to put that aside for two reasons. One is my deadline for a contest design I've entered with
Angela's blog, Bestrickende from Germany. I signed up in October, but you know how those fingerless mitts took over my life!

The object is to design and knit something which can't be considered clothing. It could be anything - such as a potholder, a purse, a table runner, a spectacle case - you name it ... But to make it even harder we got a bag with 150g of yarn which we had to use for our design.

I got some nice yarn which totaled 150g. And was told that I could add some material of my choice but my finished object could not exceed the weight of 200g. So I did. In January they will have voting for the best design. I'll post a link once I get mine sent in and the voting starts. JUST in case you'd like to go and check it out ... And maybe even vote. I'm not sure how my design will do ... but I hope it gets a good [or at least decent] showing. There's already some nice things sent in, so come on back here to get the link on January 2, 2007 ...

What kind of an idea did I get and what am I working with? Here's a peek! But remember I've added one more color. Won't tell you what it is tho ... until the FO is posted next Tuesday.

And what's my 2nd reason? Well ... I've got to knit & post some mittens on Knittin' Mittens before midnight December 30th if I want to even have a chance to win anything there!

Where does the time go?


Shelley said...

Actually, I have some good news for have until December 31st to get your mittens in for Knitten Mittens - not December 30 ;o)...hope that helps take a bit of stress off!

Dipsy D. said...

Well - that sneak peek that you gave us is certainly highly interesting - this is going to be something really gorgeous! And do you know who I'll be voting for once the voting started? Now, think hard ;))) You'll win, that's for sure!!!

monica said...

I am sure you will get those mittens knit well before then. Can't wait to see what you are making for the design contest.

Kathy said...

I love the idea of knitting something that is not clothing. Your Christmas gifts for the family are all so impressive! You've been busy!