Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dust bunnies ...

are likely to be ignored around here while I try to get my Christmas knitting done! Next on my agenda is to get as many of these made as I can before December 22.

PDRM2487_edited PDRM2478_edited


But it hasn't stopped me from spending more money. Is that a gift for myself? Yah, I think so. Okay, I probably KNOW so. I got these from a nice little Etsy store called Textured Turtle. Thru Sock Porn Etsy Friday I saw the pin she purchased, so I went right to Textured Turtle and found a beautiful mosaic shawl pin for my new shawl from Margaret in Canada. The colors are actually lighter than what you see in the picture. But they are green, orange & turquoise.


The fibre art stick pin next to it is also from Textured Turtle. Unique!


Well it's back to work. I have more of these to make!

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