Monday, December 10, 2007

Hard to buy for? Me?

The StitchingNut?

Am I really? PDRM2502_edited

Although, I've heard that about me on occasion, I don't know why something like that is even spoken out loud. Most people in the end seem to get me just what I like without any help from me. Except maybe the DH. But he's a man. He can't be perfect. I have to come right out and tell him what I want.

Now I really love the slippers from Holland. Not only are they comfy but also nice and warm. Not sheepy or woolly or has anything to do with the fiber arts, but the "talk of the town" in my part of the world. Different. So I absolutely love 'em! So don't get me wrong and think that I only want things that have something to do with knitting. But if someone thought I was hard to buy for ... well it's always safe to fall back on the "fiber arts" world isn't it? Wouldn't you think so? (Hey, I wouldn't turn up my nose to a gift certificate either.)

Well this past weekend I received a gift from Georgia ... my friend Sammie always knows what to get and once again she got me just the right thing ...

Thanks, Sammie!

PDRM2505_edited PDRM2529_edited

And since she knows I collect "pie birds" (well after all, she got me started) how could she resist this "pie vent" (can't call him a bird, LOL) to put into my collection? Does she know something about me that those other people don't know? The one who might say I'm hard to buy for that is.


Well I'm just going to ignore they said that.
They'll think of something ... I'm sure.

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