Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it snow, let snow, let it snow ...

What do I see outside of that window?

While it snows outside

I open the door and look up the street ...

From my front door in Salem, MA

Across the street ...

On my street in Salem, MA across from our front door

And then down the street ...

Down the street from front door in Salem, MA
The mound of snow at the bottom of this picture in front of the fire hydrant is the roof of our car in our drive way. Looks like a lot of snow but we've had more than this before and of course this storm isn't over yet.

This is just the beginning!

So inside the door I look ...

Inside our front door

And this is where ... Rhonda and the DH

the DH and I plan to spend the day and stay cozy!

Christmas 2007 around the corner

And I'll try to get more socks knitted.
sitting and knitting mini-socks

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