Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm still here ...

Honestly, I am. Just knitting or crocheting. Should do some housework. Should do some exercise. Should balance my budget. Should pay some bills. But NO ...

I'm knitting on the Mystic Light Shawl from Knit & Knag KAL. Finished Clue 4 on Saturday and working on 5 now, which is the last one before blocking. Might take me a week. Each row gets longer and longer. It took me 45 minutes to do just one row this morning before getting ready for work. But I LOVE this shawl and can't wait to see the magic of blocking and then wearing it. It's for ME!!!


I did start and finished a project last week. Pretty Lace Handwarmers from the Purl Bee. I used Sheep 3 Shop Company Yarn as the pattern calls for. It took about 135 yards and I have 190 yards left. I'm going to make another pair for a gift. I'm sure of it. Love this pattern!



And where else have I been? Besides teaching the Crochet Class on Sunday afternoon that is.

Well I'll give you a hint ...




Is that the CHERRY tree in bloom? I dare say it is.


Oh how I love Spring!

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