Monday, April 21, 2008

A whirlwind weekend ...

is exactly what I had.

Went up to New Hampshire to see the kiddos ...

NH Grandchildren

Love their funny faces and all!

Then the first Beginner's Crochet Class started on Sunday at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn. I'll be teaching the class for the next two Sundays as well. We're doing the Wave Scarf. My test crocheter, Sandy (blogless) from Hemet, CA sent me a picture of hers. Isn't it perrrty?

I'll show you a picture of our progress from the class after the 3rd & last class. There are 7 of us in all. Two hours went by really fast!

BTW, check out who will be at Seed Stitch on May 3rd.
Kristin Nicolas, author of Colorful Stitchery and Kristin Knits. I've already signed up for her lecture and workshop. The workshop is on "Learning to fringe while knitting, decorative embroidery, zipper installation, and duplicate stitches."
I'm looking forward to this!

And then of course I had to start something new. Had to buy new yarn for it too. Why not knit up "All Ruffled Up" by Champayne Maker? Seed Stitch just got some of her patterns and there are quite a few I've been wanting to do. So I'll knit this one first ...

Never mind the other WIP's for now, hey. All Ruffled Up

They're getting done slow but sure. Like the Mystic Shawl ...
I'm on clue 4 now Mystic Light Shawl after Clue 3
and this Wednesday is the 5th and last one.

And the others will wait for me. You remember the Einstein Coat?
Enstein Coat Not going anywhere.

Heaven forbid that I get this one done ... PDRM3647_edited

Tissue Cozies After all ... I have plenty of the Tissue Cozies to put together also.

Didn't stop me from buying more yarn at Seed Stitch tho ...
Sheep Shop Yarn Company
To make these Pretty Lace Handwarmers from the Purl Bee ...

And why not add to my sock yarn from Yarn Chef, huh?
Yarn Chef Yarn Chef

Just because it's pretty AND I couldn't help myself!

I'm obsessed with yarn. Whyyyyyyyyyy?

NH Grandchildren

Well I have more than one obsession I'm afraid!

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