Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring has Sprung!


And I am soooooo ready for it!

Bill's first day out, almost FreedomDH is finally off to the Adult Center 2 days a week. He calls it school. Here he is coming back after his first day. He said he mostly watched TV ... but, today I find out that wasn't really true ... but he's seems to be enjoying it because he was up early and getting dressed before he really needed too. "Want to be ready on time," he said. I love the great attitude ... hope it continues. He's really doing great! Leaps & Bounds ...

And of course I'm getting some more knitting done.

This is my "Reading Buddy" to be send to Uganda and to give to students at Ford School in Lynn. It's a quick projects using just left over balls of yarn.

Reading Buddy

And there are projects in the works or being planned...
Dymphna V-neck Pullover
Working on my Basic Sock for beginner's class
Galazy Socks
Mac & Me Kid Silk Ruffled Scarf

Reading is always happening at a slower pace these days coz I read when I go to bed. So you might guess how many pages I might get thru before falling asleep ...

Knitting the Threads of Time

Occasionally I finish one ...

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