Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another year of knits ...

and my New Year Resolution.

Dare I make a resolution? Usually I make it something small and attainable. Like remembering to send everyone in the family a birthday card. I set up the plan and really do keep to it for the whole year. But ... when the year ends I go back to my ole ways. That's right, you'd be lucky to get a card of any kind from me now since I hardly write now that I've been online. If you don't have a computer, you're out of luck. I'll use my cell phone first and give you a call. But what kind of plan or New Year Resolution might I have this year?

Can you guess?


Well I've already implemented it. It's even a 2-parter. First, I plan to knit as much as possible from my STASH. This one will be the hardest to keep, but I have already knit a couple of things from the stash. I'll show you below. Second, I plan to finish at least half of what I've already have on needles. And if you look at my Ravelry Project page you would see that might be a pretty tall order.

Now if you only counted the WIPs take another look at what's in Hibernation. Yah, I know that's 30 projects right there Hibernating. But at least 2 can be frogged and a few were never even cast on. Only swatched. And while I'm organizing and pulling out those projects I'm also finding MIA's. Yup, I found 2 so far. They were scarves I started but never finished. Never even made it to the Ravelry Project list. But one is already finished into something else.

A Headband
head band

It's already blocked and thrown into the 2010 Christmas Basket. I don't even remember what pattern it was being made from. I just remember it was a scarf and I didn't like the fact that it wasn't reversible and I don't like the back side as well as the front. But as a Headband it's perfect!

The other one I found ... it'll make a better Cowl than a scarf. So that may happen soon.

And what I have a knit from the STASH?

Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf
Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf [specs on Ravelry].

Burnished Leaves Cowl
Burnished Leaves Cowl [specs on Ravelry]

Thermis Neck Warmer [specs on Ravelry]

All from yarn in my Stash and now in the 2010 Christmas Basket.

I wonder how long this knitting energy is going to last before ...

someone shoots me? [see ... I knew what you were thinking.]

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