Saturday, January 30, 2010

If it's burtally cold outside ...

just knit a lapafghan.

tree of life lapafghan

I started one 2 days ago. It's called "The Tree of Life" by Nicky Epstein. Pattern is free on Lion Brand's website. I hate to tare myself away from it to work on anything else. Including the Blog.

tree of life lapafghan

But I did finish a couple of blocks that are going to be mailed out to someone else putting together a gift. Can't tell you who it is because it's a surprise to the recipient of the blanket.

for a baby blanket

And last week I did finish up the samplers from the Yarn of the Month Club for January's samples.

yarn of the month club

My favorite was the BLACKSTONE TWEED BY BERROCO at the top of the pic.

I think I've posted everything. A lot of projects are on the needles and I even want to start more Seven Circle Scarves ...


This is becoming a sickness ...
you know I'm talking about knitting right?


Jennhx said...

I love that tree of life pattern! I was just looking at it yesterday. Your trees look fabulous already, even before blocking! Oh, and I also want to make some of those Seven Circle loops too.

Happy day!

Pooch said...

If it is a sickness, then let's not hope for recovery!! I'm working on Lion Brand's Nature in Natural ghan which features the tree of life motif. Fun pattern, isn't it?

Kim said...

I love living vicariously through your knitting. I love cabled trees!

Hey, you went back to Blogger comments!