Friday, January 01, 2010

Who Loves Your Knits ...

Grandchildren do of course right?

Grandpa Bill and Sammie
Samantha wearing Bella Mitts

Big ones and little ones ...

Love your hat Jayden
JD and Grammy

Cody wearing his mittens & hat

Or do you think it's just because they love their grandparents so darn much and have been brought up to be polite and appreciate anything they get from the old folks.

Grandpa Bill and Cody

Brandi picked the Mobeus Scarf
Brandi's another cutie

Well the Moebius Scarf was in the "pick-which-one-you-want" basket and the granddaughter that didn't grab it 1st begged her sister to let her have it. "Grammy, tell her I need it more than she does." Oh you need it. That's makes all the difference. But her sister gave it to her with a smile anyway.

After all ...

Sister Sisters

they're sisters. [ages 19 & 13]

Even my DD quickly picked out the hat she wanted ....
[glad I anticipated that & tossed it into the basket]

Brandi, Heidi and Cody
[you have got to get your bangs cut, DD]

Isn't it fantastic when gift recipients love your knitting?

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