Wednesday, December 30, 2009

When you have yarn left over ...

from a project, say it's almost a whole skein or even half, do you toss it away? Or do you put it into a miscellaneous basket? Store in a glass jar that is put on display? Or do you find something to use it in almost right away?

Rhonda's Thermis Neckwarmer

I used up 2 skeins of the Nashua Handknits Sitar yarn for this neck warmer but I did have to use a bit from a 3rd skein for the last 2 rows and cast off. Now that's almost a whole skein left over.

Well I never throw yarn away [even bits & pieces can go into needle felting] ... so I do the rest mentioned above. And this time there was enough yarn for me to create wrist warmers. Boy am I pleased that I did now that the temperature has dropped down to 10 degrees. They really help fill the gap between a coat sleeve and a pair of mittens, gloves or fingerless mitts. Even great to wear inside while I knit.

Fill the Gap Wrist Warmers

The pattern is simple. I call them Fill the Gap Wrist Warmers. I made it up as I knit ...

Fill the Gap

CO 33
K2 P1 for 34 Rows
Change to St st increasing 3 stitches evenly spaced on next row. 36 stitches for 12 Rows.
On row 12 or 13 K2 stitches tog, K16, SSK, K to end. 34 stitches; then K1 P1 for 3 rows.
Cast Off in Ribbing. Sew in ends.

This was done to my size hands so make adjustments needed for yours.

Fill the Gap Wrist Warmers

I still have a bit of a bobble of yarn left ...

Fill the Gap Wrist Warmers

Now what do you suppose I could do with this? Won't throw it out of course.

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