Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lights are twinkling ...

and the gifts are all in the Knitting Basket for giving.

Christmas Knitting Basket

With two pair of Fingerless Gloves going into it for two of the oldest of the granddaughters. They're both over 18 and out on their own now.

Fingerless gloves

But I bet they'll love to wear these driving back & forth to work. Used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Bulky weight wool yarn. Really nice to knit with. I used a simple basic mitten pattern and just turned it into fingerless mitts.

And the Bella Mittens done for the younger granddaughters ...


Three pairs done there. And a hat and mittens for my grandson wasn't forgotten either.

Nottingham Hat

So after putting up the tree...


we had a visit from 2 of DH's children.

BTW, the quilt was made by my friend, Sammie from Georgia. She knew last year that I didn't have plans to put up a tree. Too much trouble. I was by myself. DH was still in recovery and in the rehab. And who would notice I didn't bother to put up a tree right? So she sent me the quilt to hang and to put me into the Christmas spirit. Well it came in handy this year too. I love it! I'm in the spirit now.

DH and my DSD [dear step daughter] and DSS [dear step son] look pleased too. DSS is home from Iraq. He goes back the day after Christmas or soon after. DH has another son and daughter that couldn't make it, which was a shame. But we had a good visit with DSD & DSS. Lots of laughs in between the serious talks.

Bill ande Ronnie and CJ

See the quilt on the wall behind DSD? [ignore the open closet door] It's this years gift from Sammie. A 2010 calendar quilt. Neat huh? It can be turned over and used for a table runner after the year is up too. Beautiful fabric on the back.


So let the lights twinkle ...

I'm now ready for Christmas!

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