Friday, December 04, 2009

Yarn of the Month for November ...

Samples are barely off the needles and blocked and already it's December. You know what that means ... I'm almost already a month behind because the December yarn will be coming in soon and I haven't even given an evaluation on November's.

Well I really wasn't jumping up and down with joy with this batch anyway. Only one was a really nice knit and came out the correct gauge as well. That was ...

yarn of the month club

Champlain by Nashua Handknits [lower left corner in green & grey]
3.75 sts/inch on US 10s
100% Wool
87 yrs.

I did like the feel in my hands as I knit ...


Wagtail 5 ply by Wagtail Yarns
6 sts/inch on US 5s
60% Fine Mohair 40% Merino Wool
327 yards

But I'm not rushing out to buy any of them.

Diving into my Stash instead and started a 'mystery knit' ...


a mystery only because I'm not telling you what it is yet.

Nope, I'm making you wait ...

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