Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Holidays are banging on my door ...

And I'm only half ready for it!
The StitchingNut
I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday. Did I go out and shop 'til I dropped? Well ... maybe one or two stores nearby. Yesterday DH and I did the last of our shopping at the Family Dollar store. With 3 people unemployed in the family this year and DH retired, we're limiting gifts to under $5 each. [it's possible to do, trust me] And now it's time to take inventory to be sure we have all that we planned or need. I even mailed out the only packages I plan to mail this year. Have to deliver 2 next weekend and make one trip the weekend before Christmas to see the grand-kiddies and deliver some knitting, books and toys.

Rhonda and Bill 11-26-2009

But the big question is ... Do I have enough energy or

will-power to decorate? And do I really need to?

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