Saturday, March 24, 2012

Another Baby on the way ...

A Great Grandchild  ... #5 ...  "It's a boy!"

So I've knit and crocheted up a storm for the baby in between the shawls I've knit. Now it's about time that I displayed what I've done. Such as ...

Teddy Bear Brights Round Afghan

IMG_6639 by Stitchingnut
IMG_6639, a photo by Stitchingnut on Flickr.
Baby Hat with Leaf Edging


And of course I had to use up every bit of yarn that I had left ...

Mix Up the Baby Booty Socks

Unmatched Booties for baby

And since the baby is a boy I did have to knit a sweater set for the Fall ...

Tó Haachi Baby Cardigan


And of course there's a hat, booties and mitts to match ...

Aviator Baby Bonnet and Baby Socks


Baby Mitts

And why not a Baby Leaf Blanket ...

Leaf Blanket for Baby

Perfect for a cool Summer evening or Fall day.

Leaf Blanket for Baby

For Great Grandchild #4 who just turned one this month, I knit a Pixie Hat ...


And a little pink one if I ever have another little girl to knit for ...


Of course there were some miscellanous items knit in there also. Just a few to use up left-over yarn from the stash.





Last but not least, the Zig Zag Tam I knit on purpose ...

Zig Zag Tam
Zig Zag Tam

Now I think I better get back to my knitting. Those needles need to fly!


KellieBelle said...

Congrats! And holy cow you are one busy yarnista! Don't know how you get it all done!
I have a favor to ask! I have a lace shawl to knit for my cousin's wedding next spring. I have my needles and yarn all ready but having problems with a good cast-on. If I tell you the pattern, think you could recommend one for me?

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I've sent you a message on Ravelry, Kellie. Talk to you about the cast on there.

Sara said...

All those knits are the baby booties!!!

Pooch said...

You are an inspiration, as always, with your beautiful work! Congrats on #5.


Jennifer said...

Wow! First of all, congratulations! How exciting to have a little one to knit for. This layette looks amazing! IYou are Super-Great Gma!