Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The moment before ...

my latest knit goes into the wool bath to soak for Blocking, I need to take a few pictures. I know it hardly needs any blocking at all but I only plan to soak 20 minutes in a wool bath, gently squeeze out the water and roll in a couple of beach towels to soak up the excess water and then lay out on the blocking board. No pinning this time. Just pat out flat and let it dry! Couldn't be simpler.

Wingspan Shawlette ...

I did the final 4 rows and I-cord Bind Off in another color for high contrast.

This knit was so additive, I want to cast on for another. But wait ... I have a few other projects to finish first. Oh no, it's MIAs or that pile of WIPs sitting next to my chair that has to be finished to make room for more.  Mmmmm, I have to think about this because it's a toss up on what to work on first.

On second thought, there's a birthday gift in there that has to be mailed next week in April. Problem solved.

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Adnan Khan said...

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