Thursday, February 16, 2006

Day 6 of the Knitting Olympics

Hey, I think I'm at the halfway point ... got to the armhole steeks this morning while coming into work on the train. Here's what my vest looks like so far. I really like Fair Isle! It's the first time I've attempted it. Hope the steeks don't change my mind about this project tho. It's another "first" for me -- steeks that is. I would love to be knitting the border by this weekend ... maybe Sunday. But that might be an over-reach for me ... we'll see. I'll be happy with Monday. But I can keep in mind that we have another whole week to finish. As for the MIT Relay team .... Go Team MIT, Go!!

And here's a quick look of the inside!


Anny said...

Wow! The vest looks fantastic. And what an ambitious project for the Olympics. You are a brave woman ;0)

I wish you luck with the steeks. I've never attempted them myself (it just sounds crazy to me) but I will hold my breath with you when you take the scissors to it! LOL!

JulieLoves2Knit said...

Steeks are easy easy easy - I wouldn't do a sweater any other way now that I've done it a time or two.
I think I'm going to have to try this vest - it really looks great.
Knit on!

Shelley said...

Wow, your vest is looking fabulous! I love all the colours you've chosen too! I've not done Fair Isle yet, but I think it's something that I'd like to attempt sometime many pretty patterns, so little time LOL!