Friday, February 24, 2006

Getting down to the wire ...

My nerves are on edge. I had to go to work instead of knit ... how horrible. But I've got the vest with me along with my mags. I'm tacking the steeks down using the herring bone stitch. Really a nice look, if I must say so myself.

Both arm holes are done.

And even before I did the armhole bands I had to seam the shoulders. With the advice of an experienced knitter friend, I used the duplicate stitch. [Thanks Tony] My thumb is sitting on the seam. Can you see it?

Okay, here's a closeup. You can almost tell where it is, but with a little work to even the tension on the stitches, I bet I wouldn't even be able to see them.

Now on to the "thorn" in my side ... completing the steeks on the front. I'm going blind doing it, but I have to get this done before I do the final steps of weaving in the ends & blocking ... and even before that, the BIGGY: knitting up and completing 5 knit rows of 320 stitches for the 2 fronts & neck band.

Take my advice ... do the steek stitches in stripes and not speckles if you are doing this pattern.

Whew, I hope I make it to 2:00 pm Sunday!!


Anny said...

Looks like you made it, la la la la la la la la la la la...

No, seriously, it's great! You'll make it and come Sunday afternoon you will get to climb upon the podium and claim your well deserved gold medal ;0)

Shelley said...

The vest is looking great! I'm sure you'll be done in time to get the gold!

Veronika said...

You look incredible in that west and you really deserve the GOLD. Congratulations!!! I'm doing a Kathleen Taylor cardigan and "dreaming" about steeks. I never done them before, my pattern just said, look at the Internet for how to do steeks. I first had to look up what a steek is all about. I'm about 3 inches to the neckline and bind off. Anyways, I'm open for any suggestions about steeks and hope not to cry a river of tears because I messed it up.