Thursday, February 09, 2006

Pink Baby ...

Well it came down to the wire ... and I HAD to get the baby sweater set done for my first great grandchild before today ended. Weaved all the ends in and blocked it very early this morning. In fact, you might notice the wet spots on my blocking board in the picture. Only my name tags need to be stitched in now before I have to wrap it up. Oh by the way, these are crocheted ... just a short break from knitting.

The baby shower is the Saturday after next ... not this weekend ... but the next [while we're still in the middle of the Knitting Olympics.] The pressure of the Olympics is why the concern for getting the baby gift done before the lighting of the torch tomorrow after 2:00 pm. I'm planning to do my cast-on while on the train returning home after work. Got to get whatever moments I can to work the fair isle vest, right? M-m-m-m, now if my DH cooks dinner ... there's a few more minutes of stitching time. It's a Friday, so I can go to bed late ... maybe I'll only need 4 hours sleep instead of 6 hours ... get up early and knit while I do laundry ... and I'll keep the grocery shopping list SHORT ... I'm on a diet anyway. So what kind of finger food can I get that won't mess with my knitting?

So the planning for stitching success goes on ... go team MIT!

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JulieLoves2Knit said...

Rhonda - Found your blog from the Knitting Olympics - was looking for Fair Isle stuff. I've got that sam pattern, but haven't got the yarn yet - not sure I liked all the colors - thought about choosing my own.
It really is easy to carry one color in each hand - I did a Philosophers Wool Sweater a while back and it was great - easier than you think.
I too am a newer blogger - it really is fun!
Good luck on your project - Go USA!!!