Monday, July 14, 2008

I saw this at a friend's Blog ...

Funny, Sara ... I don't even like ketchup but I'm a ketchup type? And seriously, I love all kinds of food, but the question was on what I cook. I don't cook much in the way of fancy stuff anymore. The years of cooking have burnt-me-out I think. But that doesn't stop me from eating it, LOL!

What condiment are you?

I Am Ketchup

You are easy going and very measured in your approach to life.

Popular and well liked, you get along with everyone.

Seriously, everyone loves you!

Your taste tends to be pretty mainstream American.

You go for the classic favorites: burgers, fries, and apple pie.

You get along best with mustard and mayonnaise personalities.

And even though it's taking me 2 weeks to knit my socks on the needles, I'm almost done.


I just need another one of those drinks.
Hold the ketchup and bring on the ice!

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