Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Storms on the horizon ...

My life has been turned upside down.

Storm Clouds 001

I was suppose to be on vacation last week. It started out on a Saturday, June 28 . My DH ... my love of my life ... my best friend, Bill ... was out with his daughter while I stayed at home to give them some "Father/Daughter" time together. I went out with them earlier for appetizers and a drink & took a picture of my "sock" on vacation, but was dropped off before they went out for a talk. They had dinner out together right in town.

And then disaster struck ... Bill turned his ankle on a curb (such a simple thing) and fell backwards onto the pavement. Hit his head really bad. So bad, he had to have emergency brain surgery the next day. Wheeled into surgery by noon at Mass General Hospital. I was told he had a 75% chance of NOT making it.

BUT he DID make it!

A week in ICU ... but now he's stable and in post-recovery and soon will be in rehabilitation. I pray that I get my ole' Bill back with his sense of humor intact. Please pray for him and pray for his full recovery. He can use all the prayers he can get. He's a wonderful guy. A Dad, Grandpa and a Great-Grandpa. Young. Always interesting. So funny ... he is the love of my life!

Bill always use to say, "You love your knitting more than you love me." I denied it, but he would either laugh or pout. But now I know he was wrong. I DO love him more than my knitting! I love knitting but not more. Not "instead of" ... because I got no knitting done this past week. Whatever I did do I had to frog twice. I need him around to really enjoy my knitting I guess. The following days until his return home are going to be very, very, very long ones.

Someday soon, I'll get back to knitting and talking about it again.

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