Monday, September 08, 2008

Do I ever finish anything?

Well it seems like I'm always a starter and have so many projects "in the works" that I couldn't possibly be a finisher. But ... I finally (once again) finished two projects. Both are for Christmas gifts and both are scarves. I asked my daughter if she ever wore a scarf because I never saw her wearing one. She said, "I don't. But, I would if you made me one." Now that's what I like to hear. Do you think the two recipients of the scarves below might feel that way also? Maybe?

This one is the Tainted Scarf from the Colourscape Collection. Fast & Easy! Of course I used Kaffe Fasset's Colourscape chunky wool yarn.


I love the mix of colors in this!


And finally the Elvera Lace Scarf for my step-daughter is done also. I used JaggerSpun Zephyr wool/silk in DK weight. Such a beautiful yarn to knit with.


I love lace! Look at it up close. Nice huh?


I even finished a square for a donation to the blankets being put together for the Pine Street Inn progect.


Simple pattern, but soft and warm. That's what they need.

And of course I started another Christmas present. This one is for my other sister in law. Another one from the Colourscape Collection. It's called Ombre.


I look at that name and I think ... I'm one "tough ombre" to think I could possibly knit all my gifts this year. Don't stop me now ...

I'm on a roll!

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