Monday, September 15, 2008

S = Sister Sister

There are different types of sisters ... and I have a bunch of 'em!

I started out with my 1st sister who was born right after me. That's Tawny ...

Tawny and Rhonda182

She's the pretty one with all the blonde curls!

Lori and Rhonda 1961 Then after a few sisters came along ... my sister, Lori was born when I was 12. She is my favorite. I know I shouldn't have a favorite but after having 5 sisters ... yes, I said five, I needed to have a favorite right? And it was the one I helped take care of when she was little. The one I rocked to sleep at night. Lori then became special to me ...
Lori and Rhonda 1967
And thru the years we stayed special to each other...
Lori and Rhonda 1994
Lori and Rhonda 1993
Lori and Rhonda 2003
Lori and Rhonda 2008

But there are many other sisters as well ... like my other 4 sisters [sure I have 2 brothers too but this is about sisters right?]
All Eight of us ... brothers & sisterss

Not going to name them in order in the picture, but the names go like this from oldest to youngest ...
Rhonda, Tawny, Cindy, Shelly, Jamie and Lori ... [okay, the boys are Arthur & Allen and they came last so at least they have each other and they were also very spoiled so don't feel too badly for them either. Hahah]

More sisters? Sure. There are my granddaughters too ...
Catelyn, Samantha, Brandi, Amber
Here's the first 4 before the next 3 came along in the next picture. That's right, 7 girls in one family ... my daughter's family. So she took after my Mom rather than me. [TUG]
Mersadese, Jayden, Ashlee

And then there's my step-daughters, both beautiful girls. I'm happy to have them as daughters and they are truely as differently as night and day when it comes to sisters in the same family.
Veronica and Laura 2003

... and of course there's my two wonderful sister in laws. I truly don't know what I would do without them! Mary and Pat are my DH's favorite [and only] sisters and I can see why. They are a Godsend to us. Especially during these resently trying times. I don't know what I would do without them ...
Mary and Pat  are sisters

Then there's my Knitting Sisters, of which there are so many ... but here are two that started out as blogging friends and I got to meet in person ...
Rhonda and Sara Kim and Rhonda 002

There are many other knitting friends of course from Seed Stitch, like Knitting Kittens or friends I've made through out the years that I would consider like "sisters" to me also [such as Sammie from GA or Sandy from CA and Cindy from CN], but there's too many to include pictures. [such a relief huh?]

And ...

Last but not least ... I can't forget the true "Knitted" Sisters ...

Sister Sister = The Lolly Twins

The Lolly Twins!

Now wouldn't you say S = Sisters?

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