Saturday, September 13, 2008

Six Little Kittens Knit Mittens ...

Or rather, six knitters that visit Seed Stitch Fine Yarn every Thursday night have gotten together every other Friday at the StitchingNut's house for some snacking, laughing and knitting on the Blackberry Ridge Mittens from Blackberry Ridge Woolen Mills.

So here are four of the mittens in progress ...

Blackberry Mittens

The group consists of Margie, Pat, Cindy, Jill, Kitty and me, Rhonda. Someone called us the Knitting Kittens. Hey who was that anyways? Wasn't my neighbor was it? Oh, I bet it was Kitty. She was already a kitten and since she's one of our knitting kittens, naturally the name stuck after she brought this big beautiful yummy cake with "Six Kittens Knitting Mittens" right on top of it. Aahhh, it was chocolate cake too!

Want to see them up close? Of course they need to be finished and blocked. Blocking will do wonders ... but you get the idea.

Blackberry Mittens

They came as a kit. Very reasonably priced. So six of us decided to do them. Of course we don't get much knitting done during the Friday's session. But it is a time of asking questions if and one of us got stuck on it during the week. They're Fair Isle and this is the first time for some to knit this style of mitten. So far tho, we're loving 'em!

Blackberry Mittens

This one's mine ...
and I really have to get these done as a treat for me!

Would you believe I'm already planning my next pair?

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