Sunday, March 01, 2009

Progress happening in all areas ...

Not only is my DH doing better and more each day, I'm also getting some knitting done. Yes, I seem to be a fast knitter AND I knit in between a lot of other stuff that's going on whenever I can. It's because I can ... and it helps to relax me too.

I taught a "Beginner's Sock Knitting" class for the last 3 Saturdays and completed a Basic Rib Sock along with the class ... pattern is similar to:


I used size 3 dpns because the sock yarn I used was Brookline Handspun "Instant Gratification", which is a DK weight sock yarn. Looks like "Springtime" socks don't they? Well the colorway is "Springz" so you're not wrong about that. I do believe I'll wear them for Easter.

I've also decided that from now on I'm reinforcing my heels. I can never seem to remember to knit it in as I go ... so I'm weaving in the nylon sock reinforcement "after the fact". Ah well, next time I'll try to remember to knit it in. Save myself that extra step.


And then I also finally decided what to make with the Lobster Pot Cashmere gift that the ladies at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn gave me as a "cheering up" and "healing" gift this past Summer. I pet the yarn for a long time but now I can wear it around my neck. Here's my Cashmere Neckwarmer ...


Just one more reason to be smiling huh? PDRM4997_edited

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