Wednesday, March 11, 2009

WIPs? What's a WIP?

WIP in the "Knitting Dictionary" means: Work In Progress. So WIPs must mean "more than one" or "many" works in progress. Right?

This Winter has really been a good time for yarn to be jumping onto the needles too don't you think? An early March snow storm is my clue to stay in my pj's and knit. DH agrees. It means he gets to relax and watch TV while I sit with him and work my magic with needles and yarn.


Now I confess I have many ... or rather many works on the needles, not necessarily being worked on. So here's a pictorially record of what I'm actually working on right now while other projects remain hidden and marinating and waiting for me to return.

And what could be better than knitting with a fireplace going in the background?


Every morning I work on ... the first pair of socks for my DH.


Yup, that's right. DH has virgin hand-knitted sock feet! I'm about to change that with yarn from "A Swell Yarn Shop" sent to me in the Lucky Lurkers Club.


And then the other WIPs ...



And this just might jump on some needles today ...


But I've got my eye on something in this book also...


Could I be "Biting off more than I can chew?"

Or casting on more than I can knit?

Time will tell.

Wait .... wait ... wait! One of those just became a Finished Object ... an FO.



Project info
: Side Slip Cloche
: Side slip cloche by Laura Irwin

Needle and yarn
US 5 / 3.75 mm
: Rowan RYC Soft Lux
: 2 skeins = 274.0 yards (250.5m)
: Blue 63873

Well ... back to my WIPS! Happy knitting!!

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