Saturday, October 10, 2009

I was never a "lace" kind of gal ...

But I do love to crochet or knit lace. I'm giving a class in crochet lace in November and just finished this Neck Lace collar. It's crochet. The yarn is the beautiful Filatura Di Crosa Superior. Faster to crochet with than you would think and so lovely to feel and wear when you're done. The pattern is from Interweave Crochet, Spring 2009. The pattern is Fan and Petal Neck Lace by Doris Chan. I could have used a smaller hook. Size F rather than G and the size would of been good if not better. I think I could probably get two collars out of the one skein of Superior too. Making it a bargain on the price.


In February I'll be teaching Knitting Lace also. With either Superior or Silky Wool ...


Superior is more difficult to tink or frog if you need to, so I wouldn't recommend it for your very first lace project. And that's why I'm knitting the scarf to show what it would look like with Silky Wool. This is a very nice lace weight yarn to work with. Nice for lace or for cables.

Just after getting our new dinning room set and putting some order to the room ...


[yup, those are all knitting, crochet or felting books]


This is where I sit when I'm online now.


Where I contemplate my next project to knit or crochet ...


And it must have something to do with Spud & Chloe do you think?

But I'll get back to that after I do up the squares for the Yarn of the Month Club.

Yarn of the Month Club, Oct.

You didn't really think I would get bored being at home every day did you?

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