Thursday, July 15, 2010

How does my garden grow?

I knit but I started out in life as a crocheter. Eight years ago I burned myself out crocheting nine (9) afghans for Christmas Gifts. So determined to get them all done in time, my hands just finally couldn't take it anymore. They needed a rest. And I needed a new challenge.

I knew a little about knitting so I learned how to knit sock and my obsession for knitting mushroomed from there. But ...

I still go back to crocheting now and then. After meeting the CGOA Fishnet Crocheters last month I was inspired to make something I loved with crochet. Beside a Market Bag that is. I used a yarn that reminded me of my garden, my second passion in life. And with a project called Scarlet Evening Shawl by from I created a shawl I call the Garden Trellis Shawlette.


I added some little seed beads to it as well.



I have a sister allergic to wool so I think I'll be giving her this shawl for Christmas this year because it is 100% Cotton. She is also much more petite than I am and it will fit her much better. Much much better.


But I have plans to create another one using the same trellis pattern for me but as a wrap rather than a shawl. Different yarn perhaps but it'll still be crochet. And of course ...



I have two other shawls that I'm knitting as well.

Did you doubt that?

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Kim said...

Love those shawls!