Friday, July 02, 2010

Will my grandson like another hat?

I did make one for him for last Christmas. But I feel it might be too small for him by next year.

So I made this one for him in mind ...

That's a real little pocket on the side with a red knit lining too. Neat huh?

But is this hat big enough? The foam head I have for blocking is a little smaller than my own head and my grandson is age 12. And then ... he might want something else knit for him this next Christmas anyway. Well I'm agonizing over it because he now lives in Virginia and I'm not sure if he even will need a wool hat there. I can't get a measurement either. Well I could ask his Dad to do it but ... I think I will call the grandson and ASK if he would like a hat or scarf or maybe even ...

fingerless gloves. I made a pair a few years ago and I'm sure he doesn't have those anymore.

But in the meantime another kid [boy or girl] might like this one from 60 Quick Knits. Of course!

Do you think a 12 year old boy would mind receiving a note in that pocket too?

From a young girl of course ... or maybe

his Grammy???

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Anonymous said...

I think that is a perfect 12 year old boy hat, but then I'm not the best judge! As for the note, he might roll his eyes, but he'd secretly be pleased :-)