Wednesday, December 22, 2010

If Mom wants it, she'll get me to make it!

I sent my Mom a Stephen West designed shawl for Christmas ... the Colonnade Shawl.


And once she got it she called to thank me and tell me how cold it was down in Florida and it was just the thing she needed to help keep her keep warm even just a little bit. Except ...

She could use one in Turquoise or some blues. "Don't you like the color of the one I made for you?" I asked, while I kept thinking 'wasn't purple one of her favorite colors anymore?' "Oh yes," she said, "But I need a color to go with my other dresses that I have in blue or turquoise. Turquoise is my birthstone color you know. (insert violin strings here)"

Ooooooohhh, I see.

"And I also could use a pair of leg warmers in blues. It's really cold down here right now you know and once I get cold I can't warm up. I only have one pair of leg warmers you made for me a couple of years ago you know. So I sure could use another pair or two"

So what does she think I am?

A store?

A knitting machine??

Well ....

Only my Mom could talk me into doing this ...

four days later I finished ...


That's right, another Colonnade!!

And I do feel sorry for Mom now that I have arthritis also and feel the cold in my knees and hands although I have the advantage of being able to knit up my own sweaters or whatever else I want in wool, alpaca, cashmere or silk.

These pictured below are not new Christmas ornaments.

Leg Warmers for Mom

But I did finished them 3 days later and put them in a box with the shawl.

Now I'm REALLY done knitting for Christmas!
[This Christmas as least.]


Sara said...

Cool - and what pattern did you use for the leg warmers?

Anonymous said...

My mom's like that too. She doesn't understand the time it takes, but she wears them, at least.

Pooch said...

Mama knows who to ask! You are such a thoughtful daughter. She is blessed.

Merry Christmas!