Friday, December 24, 2010

Do you love Lace but haven't tried it yet?

Always wanted to but was afraid to begin? Have you tried it but failed to finish??

How about starting with a small shawl called the "Budding Shawlette"? It only uses one skein of fingering weight sock yarn (450 yds) so it's a small investment and you could even use some sock yarn right out of your Stash. I'm giving a class for intermediate knitters starting Sunday, January 16. This beautiful little shawl can be knit with or without beads. I'll show you how to add beads as you go too. It's easy!

Check Seed Stitch Fine Yarn's website for details such as time and cost. And then ask for a materials list when you sign up.


I used Cascade's Heritage Sock Yarn for this one.


You just need to know how to knit & purl. That's all really!!

Come join me at Seed Stitch Stitch Fine Yarn on 21 Front Street in Salem, MA.


Anonymous said...

That's right... promote my shawl!!! Hahaha... I'll have the beaded versions up by the new year.

Too bad it's hard to see the green beads in these pictures.

Sara said...

Beautiful shawl. Wish I lived closer!

Shelley L. Snyder said...

So pretty! If I lived closer, I'd take your class...

Kristi ~ ArtSea said...

Oh!!! If I lived there still I would sign up for that class in a second!!! Miss you!

Louise said...

The shawl is beautiful, I will be giving it a try. By the way, my family and I plan on taking a short vacation in your area. I will let you know when exactly so I can finally get to meet you. Also my daughter and I will want to check out that shop.