Friday, March 30, 2007

And the Winner is ...

With only a slight change in the wording,

"Little Felt-Tea Farm" tea cosy.

So the prize goes to Jennifer from Jennhx.

Look at the prizes on my March 23rd post at the bottom of the page, Jennifer and let me know which one you would like.

Congratulations .... and stay tuned ... in two weeks we'll know who the winner to the teacosy contest is.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?!


jennhx said...

Rhonda - Wow I feel honored! Thanks for choosing my name! I like the change you made too, so in addition to the pun it's also alliterative! ;)

There is no choice to be made, I would definitely choose your felted heart for my prize. I'm so excited to see it in person!

Keeping fingers crossed,

Kim said...

That's a great name. I'll keep my fingers crossed. And I still think you should write a book, even if it's only photos of your art.

Shelley said...

Congrats to Jennifer!

I do hope your tea cozy wins's so gorgeous!

DebbieKnitter said...

Oh I love that name, it is sooo cute. You really did a lovely job Rhonda, it is simply beautiful. Your sooo talented!!! I hope with all my heart you win, you deserve it!!

DebbieKnitter said...

Hi Rhonda,
I forgot to ask you a question about the felted tea cozy. I couldn't find and email addy either so I hope you don't mind me posting here:) I am helping Mr. Mann get started with needle felting and he is really getting excited, our trouble, we can't find information or ideas ANYWHERE. There is very little on the net. First, is the tea cozy needle felted? If so, where did you kearn about it, how did you get idea. I just bought him 2 books and we bought the Louet needle felting kit so I figured that would help some. Any info would be great. He wan't to make a "scene" out of needle felt and then frame it and hang it up. I have no idea how it would adhere it anything like that. Thanks:)

Melissa said...

wow, that cozy is AMAZING!

Darlene said...

Great name choice! Good luck in the contest :)

heidi said...

If you dont win ...I want to see the one it does ..It would have to be out of this world to beat yours ...Great name on it ... I 'll keep my fingers crossed that yours will win ..But I have a feeling you have this one Mom .

Love ya HI