Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring is here ... would you like a surprise?

Before I tell you about my suprise ... Did I tell you that Lily Chin will be at the Seed Stitch Fine Yarn Store in Salem? Originally she was going to be here the weekend of Mother's Day, but they didn't want to interfere with Mom's Day, so dates were changed. Here they are and of course I've signed up for a class. I'm taking the Reverse Cable class. How about joining me if you live in the area? I hope to also see you there for the book signing on Friday!

Lily Chin to visit
Seed Stitch in Salem MA.
May 4th,5th,6th
For times and prices call the store:

This is a brief overview

May 4th-Reception and book signing.

May 5th-AM Workshop

Short Row Shirring: Sample the incredible textural possibilities of pop-out, 3-D forms short rowing.

May 5th- PM Workshop

Reversible Cables: Eliminate "wrong sides" when making cables. Learn how cables work and how to chart them.

May 6th-AM Workshop

Keeping "Trim": Learn different ways to rib and avoid puckering at lower edges.

May 6th-PM Workshop

Crocheted Tips, Tricks and Hints: Learn new ways to work a foundation chain, join new yarn and color,attach buttons as you work, create invisible circular joins and the list goes on.

Okay now for my surprise....

How about a Contest?

"Name My Teacozy" contest!

I enter my tea cozy in Seed Stitch's contest on March 31st. Voting will be by the customers that go into the store for the first 2 weeks of April. Their votes determine the winner. Cross your fingers for me okay? Well maybe I should show you my tea cozy first, huh?

I found out last night we can "name" our tea cozy too. So I need some help in that area. Since I got mine done this week and I've been promising to show it to you ... here's a slide show. Once you view the slide show, come on back and help me with a name. The one that I pick [with the help of my DH and DD], will get to pick from the prizes pictured below.

Presenting the Tea Cozy by Stitchingnut ...

Leave a name for my tea cozy in the "Comments". We will pick the winner March 30th so you have until March 29th, Noon to leave a "teacozy name". I figure we'll need at least 24 hours to decide which name we like the best, LOL. I'd love to get a variety to choose from ...

So be clever, witty, or serious!

The prizes will be:

1. the felted heart pin not the wood sheep is one of the prizes to pick from or

2. the 3 in the second picture or

3. the book by Vicki Howell, New Knits on the Block.

And you know what? Just to sweeten the deal .... If I should win the design contest at Seed Stitch ... I'll put everyone's name in a hat that contributed to the "Name My Teacozy" contest and draw another winner in Celebration.

I might even draw TWO names!

p.s. I just found out that I was put in Yarnival on March 15th. Check here to read about the other entries as well.
Yippy, I'm on the World Wide Web!


TheWantonSeedStitch said...

How about "Locus Amoenus"?

From Wikipedia:

"Pastoral poems were set in beautiful rural landscapes, the literary term for which is "locus amoenus" (Latin for "beautiful place")."

Dorothy said...

The only thing I can think of is the obvious. Mary's Little Lamb Farm.

It's fabulous! I hope you win and if you don't, they are crazy.

susan said...

New England Haven.

I do love the name Marthas Vinyard, it sounds so romantic, but then found out it was an island, and the countryside does not look at all like your lovely tea cosy.

Sue J. said...

Your tea cozy is incredible. I, agree. If you don't win, they're crazy. How about "Cozy Farm Teatime" for a name. Good luck and congratulations on a great FO.

Julia said...

I just read Norma's post about puns, so I came up with:
"American Idyll" (heh!) but I guess "American Dream" would work if you didn't want to be punny. Gorgeous tea cozy - love the sun shining from on top - very clever. I hope you win!

Carol E. said...

Fantabulous! You've got my vote. My suggested name "Country Road".

monica said...

Ok, Country Morning is my vote. I love the little girl holding the sheep. It is just absolutely beautiful. I hope you win! I would love to see the pictures of your compitition, I can't fathom any of them being more beautiful.

Heidi said...

Well I dont know if I should be a voter ..Seems your my Mommy I couldn't vote for anyone eles lol . You have done a Beautiful Job Mom what an artist you have become .. I say .. Rhonda's Rays !!!

Love you bunches xoxo

susan said...

Just had chance to look round at Lily Chin, and I love the yarns. Noho would work beautifully for a project I've got on the back burner.
Pitty her yarn is over there, and I'm over here. :)

canknitian said...

Your talent blows my mind.

"Teatime Pastoral" is my vote. And if you don't win, heads will roll.

Shelley said...

Rhonda, that is beautiful! Way to go girl!!'s my name for it...the "I 'felt' like tea cozy" (I felt like having tea, and it's a cozy for a tea pot...and the felt plays on the fact that you felted it too)

DebbieKnitter said...

You are absolutely AMAZING!! That is stunning and I would give anything to not only be that talented to be able to make that but to have it too LOL....can that be added to sweeten the pot*giggle*
I think "The Hills" or "Sheep Nanny Tea tote" LOL sorry, but yuo HAD to know SOMEONE would do that LOL *giggle*...oh, and by the way....YOU have been tagged LOL

Sara said...

Debbie sent me over to see your gorgeous tea cozy!!! You are certainly talented...

My name for it - My Home, My Farm teacozy

jackie said...

Those SHEEP!!!!!! Oh My GOODNESS! That is sooooo cute! And very well thought out and executed. But I love the herd of sheep! So my name suggestion is "Will ewe pour?"

Cynthia said...

Rhonda it is exquisite. Seriously if you don't win they are lunatics. It is so pastoral and artistic - really.

I would name it 'Rural Ramblings' or 'Rural Roving.'

Congrats on such a wonderful project Rhonda.

Dove Knits said...

Tea and Sheepathy. Get it? Get it? Har...

It is just GORGEOUS. Really.

Rhonda said...

You're such a talented lady.
My name would be "Field Of Dreams"
I'm sure I've dreaming about that place.

Yarn Collectors Anonymous said...

You are a PHENOMENAL artist!!!

Several names come to mind:
Storybook Cozy
Country Cozy
Sunnybrook Tea Time
Tea Time Farm
"Cozy" Brook Farm

Best Wishes!!! I hope you win!!!

crissy said...

oh your going to shoot me i just know it LOL
ok ok Ronda's roving little wool farm
but i do like marys little lamb farm though alot better
just awesomely beautiful

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Your tea cosy looks lovely. A real winner.

Mary's Tea-Leaf Sheep Farm.

tonni said...

How about "Enchanted Farm" tea cozy? It is absolutely beautiful!

Chicken Betty said...

Lady, you amaze me!
I say:
Summer at Felted Acres

Have fun with Ms. Chin :)

Jennhx said...


You've already got some great names suggested, but here are what came to me:

My Little Felt-Tea World Cozy
(pronounced "felt-y")
It's a Cozy World Cozy
Felted Lambie Cozy
What a Wool-derful World Cozy

Whatever you decide to call it, I am sure your lovely work will fare well in any competition.


Anonymous said...

How about: "Keeping Ewe and Tea Cozy"
Or: "Tea for Ewe"
Or: "A sheep shot of tea"

Bea-ewe-tiful!'s another one: "Tea-ewe-tiful and cozy"

Lovely, just lovely,


Dipsy said...

Yummy, a contest! ;) But I'm sooo bad with coming up with names! Here's my idea: Sweet Dreams Cottage Cozy.
Anyhow, your cozy is absolutely stunning - fantastic work!

Nadira said...

How about PastoraliTea? Or a variation on Darlene's" Be-EWE-TEA-ful?

Sarah said...

I like Darlene's names. Sheep in Heaven is all I can come up with but it sounds a tad bit morbid...

phoenix said...

What a gorgeous creation! Bravo. Here are my names: "Sheep Dreams", or "Everywhere that Mary went".