Sunday, March 04, 2007

Trying to do some Stash busting ...

Well almost ... I'm really trying to use up some left over yarns so I'm going thru what I have and seeing what I can do with it. So I knit another scarf out of some unusual yarn I got recently. It's not as long as I would have liked it because I only had two Noro Kujaku and found the perfect pattern to use from the book "One-Skein Wonders". My DH loves the way it ripples and I do also. It was a fast knit so I'll be making up more in other yarns. For the grandchildren maybe?

I had only two skeins because I helped take it off the hands of Cynthia when she was cleaning out her own stash. I just had to send up some squares for Warming Grace [used cotton yarn from MY stash] and I received these two very unique skeins along with a bunch for sweaters. I'll get into those later tho, once I decide to get them out of hiding. I'm thinking of giving one of the bundle of yarns to my daughter to knit up a sweater for our Jayden.... but I also want to help find the right pattern for her to do as a first time knitter. She's just learning and I don't want it to be too difficult.

Anyway, back to my Stash.... well I had a couple of mail deliveries in the past few days also [ yes I know, that ADDs to my stash] that I'll have to show you tomorrow. I have more work to do on my contest entry Tea Cozy before I go to bed tonight, so for now I'll leave you with a couple pictures of our house. We're finally having new siding put on. Yippy Kyhee! This house was built back in 1962 and shortly after they put on aluminum siding. Out-dated now of course and the color on it was turning to dust with the aluminum showing thru. We also hate the looks of those ugly metal awnings in front. Keeps the hot Summer sun out of the living room & rain off our heads at the front door, but we need a better look than these old things. So this weekend the work has been started. The 2nd picture is of the back after they started to take the aluminum off and showing us the original shingle siding for the first time.

We were surprised to see it was white AND in really good condition. Never more than the one coat of paint was ever on it before the siding was put up. Well I won't tell you yet what colors we've picked out. I'll surprise you with pictures later in the week ... they said it would only take a week.

I'm hoping our "new face" is a happy one!


Shelley said...

I love your scarf, short or not! Can't wait to see the new look of your house, and what colours you've chosen!

FemiKnitMafia said...

Cute house! Isn't it lovely when the crazy old worn out stuff is masking something beautiful? I can't wait to see the colors you pick. Ah, the suspense.

Anonymous said...

Look forward to the new house look. I have a new look at the moment.
My blog is seriously down and so I have a temporary blog

Iv'e managed to find a few friends, and it's great to catch up after a few days.
Susan from Celadon Pool

Anny said...

That scarf pattern is really neat! And yay home improvements :0)

Can't wait to see the big reveal!

clothesknit said...

i like the scarf pattern rhonda!

Kim said...

Amazing your wood siding was in such good condition, considering the marine environment. The aluminum must have protected it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rhonda,
just to let you know that my host is unable to carry on looking after my sites so I'm moving to

Love Susan from Celadon Pool

Dipsy said...

That scarf looks totally awesome! What a beautiful colourway - Noro just rocks big time! And that house is so cute!

canknitian said...

LOVE the scarf!

Can't wait to see pictures of your "new" place!

Thanks for the get well wishes. I worked this aft but I'm beat, so I'm off to take another nap. :)

Dove Knits said...

What a cute house!

Good luck "stash-busting"! Love the scarf -- the pattern complements the yarn very nicely!

crissy said...

wow that house is huge. i got this tiny little thing but heck i own it out right so dont much care how small it is.
mom updated everything before she passed on even the roof. so only worry i have is what she didnt get to. like the furnice ouchhhhhhh.
your scarf is very nice .
love what you come up with always. :)

tonni said...

Anxiously waiting on the completed new look for the house... i'm trying to decide what color to paint ours (other than the grey currently). When you give your house a facelift, it sure does lift your spirits, doesn't it?!