Friday, March 16, 2007

Coming to a door near you!

Might it be your very own door that my Wee Tiny Sock will arrive at? Putting it in the mail today when I head out to lunch.
[update: in the mail right now]

All will be revealed next week ... so stay tuned.

And speaking of mail ...

I'm also sending out this book I just finished to a friend as a trade for another book I'd like to read. So I thought I'd tell you about the book ... Knitting: A Novel

Anne Bartlett's book is a story for women who love to knit and enjoy a story with it. It's about love, lose, healing and understanding along with the history of knitting and textiles.

The character Sandra is newly widowed and at loose ends after the death of her husband. She's self-centered, rigid, driven and uptight. She loves textiles such as knitted garments, but doesn't knit herself. She likes words, writing and organizing ... only the things that she thinks she is good at. A story of the fiber in many lives maybe?

The other main character is Martha, who has been widowed for many years and is a highly skilled knitter who struggles with her own demons [which she carries around in several suitcases wherever she goes]. She's an enigma. Outgoing, yet private at the same time. I think I feel a kinship to her!

After Sandra and Martha meet, Sandra persuades Martha to help her with a retro knitting exhibition. This is a match of opposites though. But over time, through a shared interest in things knitted, they develop an unlikely bond that in the end is healing to both of them.

Even though it got a little slow in the middle at times, it was still an enjoyable read and I recommend it to you.

Happy reading while you knit. Have a great weekend!


Shelley said...

Sounds like a good book.

Dipsy said...

Thank you so much for your book review - I'll head on over to right now and have a look for it, it sounds super-interesting!