Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I told you I would tell you about my weekend mail right?

Well ...
adding to my stash, BUT already on the needles ...

sock yarn for more SOCKS!

The first delivery was Sundara Yarn and The Petals Collections Sock Club. This is the 2nd delivery and the yarn is called Bird of Paradise. I love it!

This yarn is so nice and the pattern looked so interesting and shouted out "SPRING!" that I cast on right away and have 'em in my "train knitting bag" right now. Already half done with the first sock ... really!

Isn't this just yummy looking? The colors could also be called Raspberry, Orange, Lemon & Lime Sherbert.

And then there was MORE sock yarn!

Spoiler Alert ~~ 2007 Rockin' Sock Club Kit pictures ~~

Don't Scroll if You Don't Want to See it ... remember I warned you!

:o ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

The timing was right and I received Blue Moon's first of 2007's Socks that Rock Club yarn package ... I was a little underwhelmed with the colorway tho. Too dark for Spring ... and I'm wanting Spring here soon girls.

The colorway is called Monsoon and it is medium weight. Nice, but this yarn is beautiful in the sense that it is so wonderful to knit with but not so much to wear with Spring or Summer cheerful colors. So I'll be casting on with the idea I'll wear 'em next Fall maybe?

And then I got some St. Patrick's Day mail from my friend, Sammie in Georgia. One of her fabric postcards. I love getting these! Isn't it cute?

And what are those little white and black things falling out of another envelope? Right there on the counter top by the postcard?

Oooooo, sheep buttons!

Those were from Sammie also. Too cute. I will defiantly find something to do with those Sam. Thank you, thank you for the goodies. You are so kind and thoughtful and I love being spoiled. .....

Well I better get back to knitting my socks and spoiling my feet!


PatchesMom1973 said...

this yarn looks pretty yummy. I love your last two scarf projects!! I may check out Seed Stick in Salem tomorrow, if I can squeeze a little time after my conference up there!

crzjane said...

I love the color of your Sundara Yarn. It does just shout spring. We need that here too. At least no wind today, just lots of cold.
Those sheep buttons are just too cute.
Keep those toes warm.

clothesknit said...

i'm drooling! you're such a wanton temptress!!!!

Kim said...

Cute buttons! I love how one collection (yarn) leads to another (buttons, fabrics, ribbons).

Dipsy said...

This sock yarn is to die for - all of it actually, I'm so in love with these colours and can't wait to see the socks you're going to knit with it! And my, these sheep-buttons - they may be the cutest ones I've ever seen!

Dorothy said...

Those are gorgeous sock yarns. Although I too prefer the Bird of Paradise colourway. Very bright and spring like.

Love the sheep buttons. They are the absolute cutest!

Dove Knits said...

Sheep buttons!!! How cute!

That yarn is yummy.

Sarah said...

Those buttons are too cute!
I love your spring yarn but I have to say the STR colorway is a little dreary for my taste too.

tonni said...

This is my kind of yummy weekend mail :) I love the color of the sundara yarn and will have to check out her selections... the sheep buttons are just tooooo cute!