Sunday, August 12, 2007

Another sister stopped by to visit ...

and I get to do more shopping.

I spent Saturday with another sister, Shelly from Florida and her dear husband, Bill. [He's a good sport too. He did a lot of waiting around for us to shop. Can you say 4 hours of total boredom for the poor guy?]

Had lunch at Finz after our first 2 hours of antique browsing and shopping. We had a good time and even tho I swore I was just going to watch Shelly spend her own money and keep mine in my pocket ... I bought a few things of my own. But I'm not getting into that here because ...

Because ... SURPISE! ... Nothing I bought was for knitting this time. Now that is a surprise even to me. I even looked for sheep ... but found nothing.

And when you look at the next picture, can you see why I couldn't resist buying something. Beside the fact this this was "Tax Free" weekend that is. We're entering the Walking Mall here. Don't see it?

Okay, here's a better look of one end of the Mall [with the sun over my back, otherwise I would have take a picture of the other half of the Mall too.]
A sidewalk sale!

There was even entertainment. And even tho we didn't stay more than 2 hours, LOL because that's how long we had on the parking meter, Bill patiently waited as we put more money in and had a spot of tea at New Civiltea and more shopping there as well. I think that place has quickly become one of my favorite places to sit, relax and visit with family or a friend.
So civil don't you think?

Well now my weekend is back to normal. I went to Weight Watches ... I lost another pound, whoohoo. [don't ask me how] and did my grocery shopping and here I am writing while I do the laundry. Pretty quickly tho, I'm headed back outside to knit.

Next project please ...

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