Friday, August 10, 2007

I needed a "Mental Health Day" ...

And that's TODAY!

I've been taking Friday's as Vacation Days this Summer and rushing around to get the normal weekend chores done so that I have my weekend free to do other things. Like driving up to New Hampshire to see the kids or up the coast to explore some new place or visit an old favorite spot. But this morning ...

Well I just wanted to do nothing. Nothing that involved getting dressed and going out or ANYTHING. A "stay in my pajamas" kind of day. Know what I mean? Don't you just feel like that some times? Especially on a damp, wet, gloomy morning? And since I had the day off from work anyway ...

M-m-m-m, well I can't say I didn't want to do anything at all. I did want to KNIT. So I worked just on the Mystery Stole 3 [everyone probably knows by now that the theme is Swan Lake, right?] I barely found that out after I got Clue 4 done right on time before reading Malanie's announcement. And since Clue 6 came out this morning I wanted to get as much done on Clue 5 as I could so I could then get caught up and finish when the last clue, Clue 7 comes out next Friday.

Ya, I really want to finish with all those expert Lace Knitters that signed up. You see, I just hate being left behind in the woolen dust balls. Why I might not even finish if that happens. I knit best with a deadline and when I'm under pressure to finish. So pressure is good sometimes and this is one of those times. One of those projects. You know since the stole is for ME, I might not finish it if I don't put a deadline on it. So as you see, the pressure is 'self' made.

So here's my progress so far. Clue 4 has lot's of stitches in the pattern called the cats paw and represents swans dancing in a circle. And this last picture is of the Wing in the final section. I've just barely started it. Can you see the feathers in it? I'm loving this and YES, there'll be more lace knitting in my future.

And the highlight of my Day? Why Mail Call of course ...

Look what I got.
Isn't this the cutest mug?
Knit 2 together ... how nice that it's over a pot of tea also. Just what I needed ... altho I'll be drinking my coffee at work in it. And look at the cute ornament I got too ... That's right, it'll go on my Christmas tree this year. "Peace Among Knitters" which is a message I hold dear.

All these goodies come from Franklin's store at Panopticon.

Oh, the best I've saved for last.

A t-shirt with a picture of my idol ...


Boy am I going to look cool in this!

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