Thursday, August 09, 2007

Doing the Two Step ...

* Note added below.

One Math Whiz sock was done soooo long ago, but I started so many things that I want to get done for the Summer and wondered what ever happened to my commitment to knit a bunch of socks. I had my doubts about doing it, but I finally got back to these and finished the second sock. In fact, I grafted the toe in the wee hours of the morning (4 am) today.

Now my feet can dance. I even love the short row heels. Maybe I'm just getting better at it, but there's no holes! If it looks like there's a hole in the picture ... well it's only because there's some white in the yarn and the flash makes it look like a hole.
Honestly, there's no holes.

I love the pattern and love the yarn. Did I tell you I used Sophie's Toes? The colorway is 'Ole Blue Eyes'. Feels so good on my feet too. But should I gift them to my "blue eyed" sister? M-m-m-m, let me think about that ...

I also finished up on my class project for the needle felting class I'm giving at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn . Here are some pictures of what we'll work on. The little coin purse I posted yesterday and this bigger one in purple are either knit or crocheted, wet felted and then needle felted once completely dried. I stitched these together with a blanket stitch and lined with fabric after doing the needle felted flowers. I knit & crocheted up the other two also which will be needle felted in the class for demonstration.

I wrote a pattern for both knitting and crocheting so that everyone will know it can be done either way. Check out Seed Stitch Class Schedule [they'll be updating soon] if you want to be there. They'll be putting together kits with my pattern sheets for those who sign up for class so they'll be ready with their project to be worked on. Frankly, I think I'm getting a little excited about doing this.

[Additional note: It's rather nice to read all about Sara's trip last week. Even with my silly face grinning back at me , LOL. Salem has a way of turning me into another tourist when I show people around town. I just love this place. I love my knitting world within it also. And what better place to show off to a new good friend. BTW, I felt like Sara was one of my long lost sisters rather than someone new and we had known each other for centuries before. Although neither one of us are that old. Hardly. Or yet, LOL. ]

Well it's time to be off to knit more socks ...

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