Sunday, August 05, 2007

When it's Hot as blazes, go out on the Water.

FabricNFiberFanatic stopped by this past Friday for a visit and I gave her a mini tour of Salem. Sara and I have been writing for a little while now and it was sure nice to meet her in person and show her a little of the place I love and call home.

Here we are going out for our excursion.What do our shirts say? Mine was bought a long time ago before I moved to Salem, but it says "Not every witch lives in Salem"... true, true, true. The DH use to call me the "Witch of Manchester" ... but before you think that's a bad thing ... in the next breath he would say, "Because you have put me under your spell." Little does he know ... I did cast one, LOL.

And Sara's shirt says, "Knit Happens" ... [I must find that one.]

With the weather being hot, hot, hot ... the best place to be was out on the water. So I thought Sara might like a ride out on Salem Harbor to the Rockmore Floating Restaurant.

Let's go out to the Rockmore first!

We got out there early in the afternoon so only two other tables were taken. Thankfully we got one out of the Sun.

The pictures show you what kind of an afternoon we had before going over to Front Street to visit Seed Stitch Fine Yarn and then the Quilt Shop. Oh yah, Sara's a quilter also.

Then we ended our shopping and wonderlust with a nice pot of tea at the New Civiltea and then talked a little more while sitting in my favorite spot to knit ... my own back yard.

Every time I have a cup of tea now ...
I think of everyone who's special to me!

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