Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another FO ...

Another Scarf finished for Christmas!

Yarn: Lily Chin Tribeca
Pattern: Reversible Cable Scarf by Lily Chin
(I can't seem to find the pattern anywhere on the Internet but I got it from Lily Chin when she was at Seed Stitch Fine Yarn last Spring. I took her class on reversible cables.) (BTW, notice you can now buy yarn from Seed Stitch Fine Yarn online)
Needle size: US7


More like this color in the close up ...


The lighting is on the yellow side in the first picture I'm afraid. That's because I get home after dark now and the mornings are still grey when I leave the house. Meaning ... I can't get decent pictures now until the weekend or when I happen to be home during the day. But I'm not waiting for the weekend today ... I've got to get back to knitting the other WIP's to make them FO's also. But wait ...

I need to cast on for November socks. No really, I HAVE to. Well look at this beeee-uuuuu-tiful sock yarn that was given to me as a "thank you" gift yesterday from Haddy. What do you think of them becoming Monkey Socks?


I think I'm one of the last few that haven't knit up this pattern yet. And this sock yarn is crying out to me, "Knit me, knit me next!
I want to be a Monkey!!"

So call me a "knittin' monkey" now ...

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