Friday, November 23, 2007

Thankful for my Monkeys ...

which were finished just in time to be worn to our family Thanksgiving dinner.

November Socks are Monkeys

My feet were happy!

Also ... the day before yesterday I received my scarf in the ISE5. ISE5 shawl from Ontario, Canada
That's the "International Scarf Exchange" for those who don't know. ISE5 shawl from Ontario, Canada

And I not only got a delightful sheepy postcard and magnet (already holding notes on the frig, btw) , but also delicious Italian chocolates. She got those while she was in Milan. (I can't forget the Knit Pick's sock yarn either. In a lively and festive colorway. Another one I haven't knit socks with yet. What do you think of these color's, Heidi? They'll make soft & warm socks too, but machine washable.)

My pal is working in the UK right now and I was right about the fact that she was trying to trick me by sending a postcard from Geneve, when in fact a friend sent it for her. Tricky, tricky, Margaret. Almost worked. Well actually it did because I still had no idea where she really was from or who she was for that matter.

I had made the Vine Wrap for my secret pal in the UK and the secret pal, Margaret who had me ... from Ontario, Canada, knit me a beautiful, BEAUTIFUL shawl. Oh how I love this shawl too! I don't have one ... but intended to knit one some day. Now I have a shawl in lovely milk chocolate brown & terracotta. M-m-m-m-m it was a gray cloudy day and what I got for pictures just isn't the correct color I see in person. It's not really this orange ...
ISE5 shawl from Ontario, Canada
But when I took a closeup, it came out more yellow than it really is ... What yarn & colorway did you use, Margaret? I get a sense that you spun the yarn yourself. I just bet you're talented like that.
So I'll have to take another picture on a nice day to give you a true sense of what it looks like.ISE5 shawl from Ontario, Canada

I wore it to Thanksgiving dinner and it kept my neck and shoulders warm while everyone gave me lot's of compliments on it. But don't worry ... I gave all the credit to Margaret when I said, "A friend of mine, from Ontario knit it for me!" "Aren't I the lucky one?"

(I truely thank you from the bottom of my heart, Margaret. I treasure it!)

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