Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wool gathering ...

Life if filled with my knitting. And I continue to knit on ...

Poetry in Stitches. PDRM2328_edited

Modern Quilt Wrap. PDRM2309_edited

and of course the Monkey Socks and my mindless knitting, the Einstein Coat. I'm not talking about whatever I have on needles hidden away and not working on at the moment. There's a few of those in baskets or bags waiting for me to return to them. They can wait.

And look what I got as a lovely "Thank You" gifts in the mail ... Yummee Yarn Yummee Yarn! I've never tried this sock yarn before. I can see Christmas socks happening with these. Any suggestions to which pattern? And I also received this ... Malabrigo
Two skeins of Malabrigo Lace. Have never knit with this yarn either but I just found out that I know someone (Becky) who is "nuts" over Malabrigo. How funny that I should just now get sent some. Amazing how coincidences like this happen isn't it? Becky says "I'm crazy about Malabrigo" and POW ... some appear in my mailbox from someone else from way across the country in California. Go figure. Thanks for the luscious yarn, Kim!!

M-m-m-m, what to knit, what to knit next ...

*Note: I got a message from my ISE5 Secret Pal that my scarf was going into the mail November 17. Yippy! I'm so excited. I can't wait.

Plus, I've made a decision on what to knit next with the yarn that I received above. For the Yummee Sock Yarn: Tidal Wave Socks. And with one of the skeins of Malabrigo Lace: Easy Flame Lace Scarf (Wrap maybe?). Thanks Julie & Heather! I plan to cast on the socks when I finish the Monkeys and cast on the Flame wrap as soon as I finish the MQW which is a Christmas gift and I'll breath easy once that's done since it's a "biggy". Happy knitting.

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