Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In the background knitting on ...

**note the update below on the MQW.

Besides the miles and miles of garter stitch on the Einstein Coat ...

I managed to get a few stitches done on my Poetry In Stitches cardigan.

Poetry in Stitches Cardigan

And I managed some knitting on the Modern Quilt Wrap also.

Modern Quilt Wrap

A friend asked me to take a picture of the back side or the wrong side if you will ... I'd rather just call it the "back" because I don't think of it as "wrong" ... which I'll take the pictures tonight and post by morning. It's not as "pretty" on that side ... but acceptable to me.

Here's an update on the Modern Quilt Wrap ... FRONT MQW front
And the BACK ...
MQW back

I should also show you a couple of closeups of the back. Give you a better idea of what yours might look like if you decide to knit one too.MQW close up of the back MQW back of the work

Now that isn't too bad looking is it? Yes, you can see the joins but that's the way it's suppose to be isn't it? And I don't mine it. I will keep in mine which side is the front when I wear it.

I cast on for my December socks ... Yummee Yarn
Christmas is just around the corner and I better get back to my Christmas knitting and I can't tell you yet what that might be. Maybe later.

Okay ... I'm outta here!

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