Tuesday, December 09, 2008

W = Wool

An obvious choice isn't it? I mean after all, I live with mostly wool in my stash these days. It lines my walls almost. Sure there's some Alpaca in there and a little Cotton too. Heck you might find some of the dreaded Acrylic in there that I'm saving for doll clothes for the grandkids' dolls or even a teddy bear. Or the Amigurmis I'm planning on making lots of.

But it always comes back to Wool.

Even objects I didn't make myself but I couldn't resist buying ...

Rolled wool eyeglass holder

But then I couldn't keep my hands off something that I DO WANT to knit. And finally I bought a kit ...

Ribwarmer Blacksheep/Donahue

Elizabeth Zimmermann's Ribwarmer kit and a DVD with Meg Swansen.

I have long admired the knitting and sense-ability of EZ and her daughter. The designs are timeless and the wool that comes in this kit is Unspun Icelandic.

Now I figure that's getting right down to the basics. Unspun!

Ribwarmer Blacksheep/Donahue

There's nothing like the feel of knitting with wool.

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